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Makers' Registration

The Registration fees is divided in 3 categories:
For Makers with no commercial interests: Free of cost
For Startups, non-profit organization and schools:$200/group
For Coporates with commercial products: $500/group

* Denotes Required

The person who will be the point of contact for all communications.

Name of the second member if any.

Pick an attractive name for you team

Pick the category that suits your project the best

Submit the link of a video which demonstartes the working of your project

Which organization, school or university do you represent?

Fill in the e-mail which will be used for further communications

Fill in the phone number which will be used for further communications

Exhibitors are individuals, businesses, groups or other organizations registered to display their work in reserved exhibit booths, provide demonstrations and/or workshops, participate in Power Racing Series events, conduct presentations or otherwise participate as “makers” at Smart Maker Festival. I agree to comply with all applicable laws and any other requirements, and/or rules issued in connection with the Festival. I am responsible for obtaining any permissions required for my performance, distribution, or posting of copyrighted material; for obtaining any necessary licenses and permits to my participation in the event. I agree that the organisers may terminate this Agreement and/or my/or my organization’s or company’s participation in the Faire if I or any authorized assistant violates this Agreement, or the standards of conduct established by us or by the Venue proprietor. Smart Maker Festival authorities are liable to terminate your participation in case of any misconduct by the participating team during or before the event. All children below 18 need to be accompanied by at least one parent. All makers should carry whatever supply they need themselves, We are not liable to provide any resource on the event day.